Often instant celebrity leads to a Hollywood career. Or at least a contract.

She captured the imaginations of millions as the girl in the polka dot bikini when her photo appeared in Life Magazine.

The picture drew hundreds of thousands in fan mail, and elevated her into the upper reaches of World War II-era pinups (a classy group including Rita Hayworth and Betty Grable, among others).

From then on it was polka dots all the way.

And of course one can get carried away.

But that’s Hollywood!

Some tidbits about ourĀ  winsome personality of the day, Chili Williams.

She was born Marian Sorenson in Minneapolis in 1921, and started modelling as a teenager. After nabbing a movie contract, she appeared in a string of mostly forgettable B-or-lower films. She romanced the likes of Jack Carson and Rory Calhoun.

She ruffled some feather when she posed nude — a no-no at the time. After a tempestuous first marriage, she settled down with hubby No. 2 in Las Vegas where she ran a dress shop. She lived a long life, passing away in 2003 at the age of 81.

And, boy, did she look great in polka dots.

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