Sometimes the bigger star in a Hollywood family was the woman.  And often, when that occurred, the male star was usually a tad younger.

Hello, everybody.  Joe Morella and Frank Segers, your classic movie guys here today to look at some of our favorite stars from Hollywood’s Golden era who were once married to each other.  We’ll quickly note that in most cases the marriages didn’t last. But, hey, they made beautiful couples at the time.

Last week we showed  former child star Jackie Coogan with starlet (not yet box office pinup) wife Betty Grable. Do you know this week’s once-wed couple? And, yes, because we are such benevolent types, here are some juicy clues.

— She often played brassy showgirls, even tarts, characters not to be messed with.

— He rode a moderately successful career on the back of  his athletic good looks.  (His father once played baseball for the Chicago Cubs.)

— She was 34 when they wed in 1943.  He was eight years younger. It was her second trip to the altar, his first.  The marriage lasted nearly six years and produced a daughter named Tisha.

— She had TWO  successful TV series in the Fifties, but continued making movies.  He is perhaps best known today for his role in the Fifties TV series, Topper.

— She began her career as a singer, and performed with Artie Shaw’s Orchestra.

— Her real name was Harriet Lake.  His was William Hart.

— Both had long lives.  She died in 2001 at 92.  He expired in 2006 at 88.

Ok, who are these two.  Let the guessing begin.  (Answers provided in next Monday’s blog.)

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