Well, did you know anything about the lives of Jane Withers and Rory Calhoun?

They were bigger stars on TV than in the movies. He made plenty of westerns and an occasional Italian sword-and-sandals saga. She developed into a winsome package (see below) and became well known as a tv pitchwoman. Perky, vivacious and pretty curvy too.

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Ok, on to the answers to our Withers/Calhoun Quiz:

1) Question: As a youth Calhoun famously got himself into a pot of trouble with the police.  Which of the following NOT get him into hot water?  a) Stealing a car; b) Robbing jewelry stores; c) Stealing a pistol; or d) Violating the Mann Act.

1) Answer:  The youthful Calhoun was a pack of trouble, accomplished at ALL of the options with the exception of (d) violating the Mann Act. At least that we know of.

2) Question: Which of these movies did NOT include Calhoun in the cast?  a) 1953’s How To Marry A Millionaire; b) 1954’s River of No Return; c) 1955’s East of Eden; or d) 1952’s With A Song In My Heart.

2) Answer: Calhoun was NOT in the cast of c) 1955’s East of Eden, the vehicle that launched James Dean.

3) Question:  Calhoun at one point in his career found himself embroiled in the effort to conceal the homosexuality of Rock Hudson. How did this happen?

3) Answer:  Calhoun’s agent was Henry Willson, who was gay.  His biggest client prize was Hudson, and Willson went to great lengths to prevent the actor from being outed.  When the Confidential a scandal magazine began sniffing around Hudson’s personal life in the mid-Fifties, Willson supposedly bargained information about Calhoun’s jailbird past in exchange for dropping the Hudson angle.  The subsequent disclosures about Rory’s less than admirable past actually helped reinforce his career and his bad boy image.

4) Question: — Withers was considered a sort of second banana to Shirley Temple at 20th Century Fox. She is outstanding as that nasty brat (nearly upstaging Temple) in which of the following movies? a) 1940’s Shooting High; b) 1934’s Bright Eyes; c) 1936’s Little Miss Nobody; or d) 1938’s Rascals.

4) Answer: b) 1934’s Bright Eyes.

5) Question:  Jane Withers’ general comedic style is based on her impressions of which of these classic movie comedians?  a) Charlie Chaplin; b) W.C. Fields; c) Harold Lloyd; or d) Buster Keaton.

5) Answer: a) and b).  Withers began her career on radio very early doing impersonations of Chaplin and Fields, whom she vastly admired.

6) Question:  Withers is perhaps best known today for the cleanser tv commercials she made in the 1970’s.  What is the name of the character she played in these commercials?

6) Answer:  Withers is perhaps best remembered for her “Josephine the Plumber” in a series of cleanser tv commercials in the 1970s.




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