How much did you know about one of the biggest stars of the 1930s and 40s?

From the silents to character roles in the 1950s– what a career. And, by the way, can you identify he woman to the left above?  If not, be sure to check out the following answers to our Monday William Powell Quiz.

(To review the questions, just scroll down to the blog below.) Here we go:

1) Answer:  Powell never played the famed French sleuth, Inspector Maigret of countless Georges Simenon novels, in any format. The actor is best known for his portrayals of Nick Charles and Philo Vance.

2) Answer: Manhattan Melodrama was the last movie that the 31-year-old John Dillinger ever saw. He was gunned down by FBI agents outside the Biograph on the sweaty night of July 22, 1934.  Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how was the movie?

3) Answer: Myrna Loy and Powell made 14 movies together, (b) six of which were Thin Man pictures made over a dozen years.  The Thin Man titles are:  The Thin Man (1934), After The Thin Man (1936), Another Thin Man (1939), Shadow of the Thin Man (1941), The Thin Man Goes Home (1945) and Song of the Thin Man (1947).

4) Answer:   b) False. Loy was a big fan of Powell’s.  She referred to him as a “brilliant actor, delightful companion, a great friend and, above all, a true gentleman.”

5) Answer: c) Esther Williams. Powell when he was 54 costarred with a 27-year-old Esther in 1946’s The Hoodlum Saint.  She was directed to slap the elder actor hard, and Esther did just that.  To her horror, one side of his face collapsed. Makeup staff rushed onto the set and went to work. She later wrote: When the makeup men were finished, it looked as if somebody had pulled all of his face up towards the top of his head. It was an instant face-lift, which is what they did for older actors instead of plastic surgery back then.

6) Answer:  d) Famously, Powell married (d) Carole Lombard in 1931.  The marriage lasted just two years, and soon after it ended, Clark Gable entered.

7) Answer:  d) The Great Ziegfeld.

8) Answer:  d) Rectal cancer, a condition Powell kept from the public for decades.  About beating the cancer, he said: I was one of the lucky ones.

9) Answer:  c) Jean Harlow.  That’s her above with Powell in happier times.

10) Answer:  c) Mister Roberts.  By the time he made the picture, the 63-year-old Powell was coping with various medical problems and found himself forgetting his lines for the first time in his career. He retired as soon as the picture was finished. He lived on another 28 years in retirement, dying at age 91.



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