We’re always going on on these pages about The Third Man.  So with this week’s Mystery Monday Photo we’ve decided to concentrate on The Third Woman.

Hello. everybody. Joe Morella and Frank Segers, your classic movie guys, with another Monday challenge to identify the personalities featured in candid shots from our photo collection.

We’re betting that you’ll easily recognize two of the three film stars in the above photo.  But who’s the third?

We’re in a generous mood some here are some hints.  The actress to the left is best remembered as the partner of one Frederick Austerlitz.

The one in the middle was a fiery type, once slapping at a Hollywood party a man she accused of pimping for her foreign-born husband. She also became in her second life America’s most popular tv comedienne.

All three actresses were under contract at RKO.

Don’t feel bad if the name of that “third woman” doesn’t come to mind.  Her movie credits are both slim and forgettable.  She made herself felt much more on television.

Bonne chance, and keep the guesses coming.

As for last Monday’s stars, if you named Elizabeth Taylor and Montgomery Clift, you win the prize (about which we haven’t a clue).

Also, we forgot to name those individuals in the photo we ran on Aug. 27, you know, the picture with awful resolution showing several well known and not-so-well known figures. Might be worth clicking onto the blog for a photo refresher.

First off, the woman to the left is then First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt.  Next to her is actress Frances Gifford (no relation to former sportscaster Frank).  Next moving right is singer-actress Frances Langford and then Elyse Knox-Harmon (wife of Tom and mother of Mark).

You probably had little trouble naming the trio at the right beginning with Cary Grant, then Claudette Colbert and Bob Hope. 

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