Hello, everybody.  Joe Morella and Frank Segers, your Classic Movie guys, admiring the photo above.

Once again we went to the vaults, and plucked a never-been-seen snapshot from The Donald Gordon Collection.

That’s a young and casually dapper Donald to the left, and our mystery man in the center.

And, please, don’t overlook that period auto to the right.  Question: can anyone out there identify the make and model of that handsome car?

OK, back to our mystery man. Do you know who this star is?

Again, because we are such very nice guys, we’ll provide some clues.

— Our man was a highly versatile actor who appeared in everything from movie musicals to war dramas to science fiction movies.

— He had an extensive career in both movie and television.

— He started out as a singer, and remained a musician of some note throughout a career spanning three decades.

— He was a Coast Guard Captain in World War II, and played a captain on a mid-Fifties syndicated tv series and then again in another tube series in the early Sixties .

— His second wife was a Paramount starlet in the late 1930’s.

— His song compositions include such memorable ditties as “Good Ship Lalapaloo” and “Two Shillelagh O’Sullivan.”

— He received costarring billing in an early John Ford film that was NOT a western.

— He costarred in an early Sixties tv series headlined by Gene Kelly.  It’s title is the same as a mid-Forties Bing Crosby movie.

— After his retirement, he returned to his stage roots in a small playhouse in California.

Now, can you identify our man of mystery?


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