Our friend Pat Williamson (pictured above right with Marlene Dietrich) told us a cute story the other day. So we thought we’d share.

When Pat was about 4 or 5 she was a child actress and musician. Her mother dragged her from studio to studio.  It was the birth of sound in the movies and naturally before the industry invested money in full length features they tried sound in short subjects.

Pat recalls she was at the studio (she can’t remember which) shooting a soda fountain scene in a musical short. Her line was “I want RAZZBERRY.”  But there were many technical complications and many takes.  Shooting ran on for hours.

Pat’s Mom, always resourceful, had made up a bed in one of the big wooden trolleys which were used to cart about the heavy cameras and equipment.  But when Pat was between shots and went over to use her bed, she found another child actress asleep there.

“Mommy, Mommy, someone’s sleeping in my bed.”

Well, our baby bear discovered it wasn’t goldilocks but another child actress, Frances Gumm.  That’s her below.

Stay tuned for more on this young lady.

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