Forget Psycho. If you can. He made other movies too, you know. But who was the real Anthony Perkins?

Who indeed?

Both professionally and personally Perkins spent a fare amount of time grappling with his identity. Was he serious actor with an intense, cerebral commitment to his craft or the perpetually gawky former New England prep school student who happened on to one of the screen’s most enduring roles — Norman Bates.

Perkins spent more than two decades in psychoanalysis years to, among other things, resolve his sexuality.  After many homosexual affairs, the actor married, and settled down with his stylish wife to raise their two sons. But he died in 1922 at age 60 of complications of AIDS.

He rolled up more than 65 movie and tv credits over a nearly 40-year career, working in the U.S. and Europe right up until the end. Besides Norman, he played an assortment of characters from a deranged baseball player to an mentally tortured character straight from Franz Kafka.

Ok, let’s see how much more you know about Anthony Perkins.  As usual, questions today and answers tomorrow. Here we go:

1) Question:  Perkins’ Oscar nomination came resulted from his portrayal in which of the following of his movies?  a) 1958’s Desire Under The Elms; b) 1966’s Is Paris Burning?; c) 1959’s On The Beach; or d) 1956’s Friendly Persuasion.

2) Question: Although Perkins made a career of playing tense, twitchy characters onscreen, he actually was pretty laid back and relaxed offscreen.  a) True; or b) False.

3) Question: One of Perkins’ star gay alliances in the 1950’s was kept under wraps because both men were being promoted at the time teenage hearthrobs. Who was that other actor?  a) Guy Madison; b) Frankie Avalon; c) James Dean; or d) Tab Hunter

4) Question: How many times did Perkins play Norman Bates?  a) Once; b) Four times; c) Three times; or d) Twice.

5) Question: Perkins bitterly resented being forced to play Norman Bates so much.  a) True; or b) False.

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