Did you guess who blurted out all those famous quotes we spotlighted in yesterday’s Quiz? Surely you guessed the first two, uttered by two of the 1930’s famous stars (pictured above).

It was Mae West who used to be Snow White. It was W. C. Fields who hated small dogs and children.

Humphrey Bogart was the one who thought that The trouble with the world is that everybody in it is three drinks behind.

Frederick Austerlitz was the man from Nebraska who said — I don’t understand what people see in me.I don’t look like a movie starand I don’t act like a movie star.I’m just an old So and So from Omaha.  You know him as Fred Astaire.


We gave you a pictoral clue with “A woman with large breasts has two strikes against her.” That was Valerie Perrine.

And the hardest?  It was Peter Falk who took nine years to get married and ten to become an actor.  Did anyone get that one?

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