Two big stars.

Who replaced who and in what movie?

And who’s the leading man?

Some hints about the bottom two (if we gave you any additional information about the subject in the top photo we’d be giving away the store):

— He turned into one of MGM biggest musical stars in the 1950’s.

— He later thrived on tv from the early 1980’s with a role in Dallas.

— She had a hardscrabble childhood, and literally had to sing for her supper.

— By the age of only 13, she was singing professionally in front of various big bands.

— She suffered post-career substance abuse, mental and financial problems. ¬†She became friendly with a priest, eventually converted to Catholicism and, for a while, worked as a cook in a church rectory.

Ok, can you name the original actress for the role in discussion, who succeeded her in the part and who her male costar was? Finally, can you name the movie we are talking about?

Answer tomorrow.


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