To answer your questions, that is.

Reader Pam White wrote to us and asked:

My Dad is a Korean War vet.  He remembers a war movie starring Mickey Rooney showing in the early 1950’s.

My Dad’s clearest memory of the plot is that the movie ends with Mickey Rooney’s character being left behind and waiting to be captured by the enemy.

I have read off the names of every Mickey Rooney movie listed at IMDB (online Internet Movie Data Base) and none are familiar.  Can you help?  

I hope to be able to stream the movie for him if it is still available.

Well, Pam, we can think of two Rooney films from the mid-Fifties with war settings.

One, 1956’s The Bold and the Brave from RKO, has Mickey in a typical role, as a gambling GI named Dooley who runs a floating crap game on the Italian front. The part garnered him an academy award nomination for best supporting actor.

But the one your Dad is probably recalling is 1954’s The Bridges at Toko Ri, a more ambitious outing from Paramount which starred William Holden (pictured with Mickey above), Grace Kelly and Fredric March and was shot largely in Japan. Rooney’s character (Mike Forney) is killed in that one.

Hope that is the elusive Rooney picture that you are looking for.  By the way, best to your dad.  Hope he enjoys the show.

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