If we said George Bailey and Mary Hatch were coming over to dinner, you’d know exactly who we were talking about.  Wouldn’t you?

Gordon Gekko and Max Bialystock will be here too, but don’t let them talk you into handling your finances.

Hello everybody, Joe Morella and Frank Segers back again with one of our Monday quizzes.

We all know that characters from memorable films become classic characters themselves, so today we’re going to throw a few names out and ask you to identify the movies they lived in and the actors who portrayed them.

Hildy Johnson will be at dinner too. But as a man or a woman? Cody Jarret might stop by, but we hope not.  Sally Bowles is set to entertain.  Lorelei Lee can’t make it.

Mrs. Danvers is in charge of the evening so it might be a dour affair.  But then Don Lockwood and Lina Lamont will cheer things up.

OK.  Who are all our guests? And which movies do they inhabit?

Just because we are nice guys and have to visually spice up our blog, we’ve provided a few photographic clues. So, please, guess away.


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