Time to catch up on some recent emails from faithful readers.

Here’s one from Tammy Norton questioning a photo we ran way back on Jan. 11, 2012 —- (Paul Newman Mug Shot? See Him As You Never Have) — which we thought was a police mug shot of Paul Newman.  (Our blog was part of an abbreviated series called “Mug Shot Mondays.”)

Anyway, Tammy opines: Looks more like a drivers licence shot to me, as this is how they used to do them.

You are correct, Tammy. The photo we ran was NOT a police mug shot.  We know because two weeks after we ran the Newman’s picture, we were notified by no less than a Newman biographer:

Howdy. Shawn Levy here.  Hate to rain on a parade in which I myself am marching, but this isn’t a booking photo. It’s an enlistment photo taken when Newman joined the Navy in 1943. It was unearthed last year, I believe, by The Smoking Gun: https://tinyurl.com/3aksw5y .(Note: Levy is the author of Paul Newman: A Life, published in 2009.)

It’s been more than four years since we published our speculative blog, WAS VAN JOHNSON GAY?, and we still get reader responses.  This time it’s Paula, who writes:

I am almost 70, and started watching Van Johnson on TCM a few years ago.  I fell in love with him not knowing what his preferences were.  Frankly, now knowing he was gay, doesn’t change my mind.  I always say “I wish he was still here and much younger!” He was such a gentlemen in his films and I am sure he was in real life !  What a loss !!!

On May 15, 2015, we published a piece on Kim Novak, which caught the attention of “Film Fan,” who writes:

Am enjoying your website. I am fan of the old movie stars many of whom brought great entertainment to the world. I have just launched a new free podcast called Classic Hollywood MTC about the lives and careers of old movie stars. Episodes have covered Jeff Chandler and Sammy Davis Jr. Both mention Ms Novak. The podcast can be found on ITunes, Stitcher and Tunein. It can also be accessed on the following RSS feed: https://classichollywoodmtc.libsyn.com/rs.

Bonne chance with the new venture, and thanks to all our correspondents. Please keep those cards and letters coming.

Thanks. There’s a picture of Kim above.



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