Time once again to dip into our trusty email bag, one of our favorite pastimes.

As we’ve said multi times, we love hearing from you, our readers.  And since you are collectively a very discerning bunch, we often learn from your comments — especially when you catch us in a goof.

For example, Maureen let us know that we were off the mark in identifying that fellow in the cowboy hat opposite Bing Crosby (see above) as bandleader-actor-singer-comedian-husband-to-Alice Faye, Phil Harris.

The photo above accompanied our Jan. 23 blog,  BUDDIES? What Did The Duke, CROSBY, DESI and HARRIS Have In Common? (The answer is that they all loved to go deep sea fishing off the tip of Baha, California.) Here’s Maureen:

Your website is very entertaining and I’ve enjoyed reading it. I’ve worked in the biz for quite a number of years and will look for some photos.

I worked with Melville Shavelson, Richard Pryor, Jim Carrey, Roseanne, etc., but my favorites of all are the classic movie stars. I’m an expert on the careers of Fred Astaire and Bing Crosby. I knew Fred and Adele Astaire.

Just a note re the story about Bing and Deep Sea Fishing: The man in the photo with Bing is not Phil Harris.

I think possibly it is Vic (Trader Vic) Bergeron, and his wife Helen who were hunting/fishing pals with Bing and traveled with him extensively. Vic Bergeron died in Hillsborough, CA. where Bing bought a home, and was living with his family in the 1960s until the end of his life.

It makes sense that it might be Bergeron…..looks kind of like him, but it is not Harris.

Thanks, Maureen, and please keep the comments coming.

One of our regular correspondents, Mike Sheridan, had this to say about our July 9 blog, Anyone For Tennis?, about the trials and tribulations of forming your own private tennis club in Palm Springs, CA. That’s exactly what actor-pals Ralph Bellamy (left above) and Charles Farrell (right above) did in the 1930’s.  In case you don’t recognize that guy in the middle, it’s Rudy Vallee.

Here’s Mike:

Great article, boys.

I remember Bellamy saying that in the beginning they couldn’t get anyone to buy memberships for very much $, so they came up with the idea of charging an exorbitant amount. The exclusivity along with showing off of one’s ability to pay made the club a smash hit.

Bellamy was a class act.

Finally, this from regular correspondent, Patricia Nolan-Hall (Caftan Women) in response to our July 2 blog, A Real Trooper — ANNE JEFFREYS:

Occasionally Ms. Jeffreys would be called upon to grace TVs “General Hospital” as a wealthy hospital patron. She was always a welcome and glamorous sight.

Yes, she was.  Thanks Patricia, who, incidentally, is aces in providing the correct answers to many of our Monday Quizzes. A reader to be prized.

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