Time to catch up on our E-Mail bag. As we’ve repeated, perhaps ad nauseum, we love getting e-mails from our readers.  We invite you to write early and often.

Take us to task? Disagree? Catch us in a typo? We love it all.  The more the merrier.

Our latest batch is an eclectic mix of responses to various blogs, some going back years. For example our first respondent, Pat Johnson, had this to say about our Feb. 3, 2012 inquiry, WAS VAN JOHNSON GAY?

 I have always been a big fan of the “stars” of the late 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and etc.

In the 1970’s I was happy to fly back from London with Jimmy Stewart who was seated ahead of me in first class. What a gent!

He came out of WW II an (earned) Brigadier General. Clark Gable was a rear gunner in the Air Force. Van Johnson was unable to serve due to injuries….So many good actors and good movies in the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s etc. Sure miss the “good old days” of great movies and t.v shows.

I did not hear about their sexual situations until recent years — who cares?

Well, we agree — but also confess at least mild interest in the private lives of classic movie stars.

For example, we ran a blog on Nov. 19 of last year asking the question, Duke and Gail — What Happened, speculating about whether actress Gail Russell was the love of John Wayne’s life. (There they are pictured above.)

Our blog drew this response from Edb, who refers to a presumed hotel encounter we are not aware of.  Here’s his note:

Isn’t it true about the affair at the Cottonwood Hotel? Where they were seen kissing and stayed at the hotel?

Could it be that she died of a broken heart? I have watched every Duke’ movie, and never saw him kiss his leading lady like he kissed Gail.

From Jerry Noble in response to our Jan. 4 Monday Quiz — GINGER ROGERS:

I love old movies and Ginger Rogers starred in many. However, I enjoy her movies without Fred Astaire much more than those with him. I never cared for him. I also think she looks better with darker hair instead of blonde.

Glad to note that we ran a picture a photo of Ginger — as a brunette.

Finally this from regular reader Mike Sheridan about one of his favorites in response to our What About KAY FRANCIS blog of Feb. 26:

Great stuff boys. You know Kay also gave $1,000,000 to the Seeing Eye Foundation and the gift has helped thousands of people’s lives. Like Jack Gilbert, a studio mogul (in this case, Jack Warner) also made her life very tough.

Thanks to all our correspondents.  Please keep the cards and letter coming.
















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