Time once more to take a dip into our E-Mail bag, to check in with our ever alert readers.

The recent box office woes of Warren Beatty were highlighted in our Nov. 30 blog WARREN B. — As in Bomb.

The blog was inspired by truly dreadful opening weekend box office for Beatty’s latest movie, Rules Don’t Apply, a romantic comedy set in the 1950’s about RKO mogul Howard Hughes interacting with a young couple (played by newcomers Lilly Collins and Alden Ehrenreich with Beatty as Hughes).

Our blog drew the following response from regular reader Jeff Woodman:

A sad post, to be sure, gents, but like you, I’m curious enough to check out ‘Rules Don’t Apply’, if only because of the amazing past body of work (of Beatty’s) you refer to.

And flying from LAX to JFK this past Halloween, two people in baseball caps and dark glasses were slipped into the boarding line ahead of me.

When I realized it was Mr. and Mrs Beatty, my first though was that, for his age he still looks pretty damn good, and my second thought was that if the plane went down, my final billing would read, “Additional dying by…”

Onward to Sammy Davis Jr.’s private life, and a reminder that we occasionally make a goof or two, and are indebted to those who call us on it.  In this case it’s Glen Mc., who commented on a previous “Letters” blog published on Nov. 2, which carried a photo of Davis posing with a blond damsel we thought was Kim Novak.

Not so, say Glen.

Quick correction – that’s not a photo of Sammy with Kim Novak. That’s Helen Gallagher, one of Sammy’s first loves, from 1953. He didn’t meet Novak until 1957, in Chicago.

Thanks, Glen.  And taking a closer look at the photo we ran above, we agree.

Finally, we love to get letters from authors we say nice things about. In our Nov. 25 blog, JAMES DEAN — From A to Z, we sang the praises of a superb new book, The Real James Dean: Intimate Memories from Those Who Knew Him Best (Chicago Review Press), crisply edited by Peter L. Winkler. (For Dean fans, it’s a must.)

Now this:

Thank you for your appreciative review of my book. Best wishes for the holidays and a healthy and prosperous new year. Peter Winkler.

Ditto to you, Peter, and all our faithful readers.

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