A very few film actors (Orson Welles, Linda Darnell, Warren Beatty, Janet Leigh come to mind) became stars overnight and received star billing in their first movie.  But most Hollywood stars of the golden era come up through the ranks playing supporting parts first and being groomed for stardom.

Hello everybody. Mr. Joe Morella and Mr. Frank Segers here again.  Even MRS. Norman Maine (Vicki Lester) had to play some bit parts first.

One actress, a major MAJOR star of the 1950’s and 60’s had one of the longest apprenticeships ever at MGM.

During her years of acting classes and lessons in poise and such she was often lent out to other studios.  See if you can pick her out of the line-up in today’s photo from a cheapie anti-Nazi flick of the early 40’s.

Here are some clues. She married three times. ALL of her husbands were famous. Her first husband is still living. She eventually left the States and settled in London.

She was a hard drinker, drove many men mad with desire and was a pretty good actress to boot. She is considered today to be one of the most beautiful women ever to have appeared in a Hollywood movie. She has a museum dedicated to her memory.

More on our raven haired beauty tomorrow.

By the way, have you ever seen such a gorgeous collection of suspects in any lineup anywhere?  Only in Hollywood where even Nazis have great taste in women.

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