There’s today’s quiz subject pictured above embracing her first husband, actor Audie Murphy, who attained movie stardom on the strengths of his genuinely heroic wartime exploits in World War II combat.

Murphy was for a time a pretty big deal in Hollywood circles, and arranged to costar with Wanda Hendrix in Sierra, a western vehicle released a year after their marriage on Feb. 8, 1949.  The marriage proved to be a bust, however, lasting a bit more than two years.

Suffering from what today is known as traumatic stress disorder, Murphy was prone to occasional acts of violence, slept with a pistol under his pillow and frittered away Hendrix’ money at the race tracks. Yet, Wanda was said to have harboured a crush for him until Murphy’s untimely death in a 1971 airplane crash.  Go figure.

Now, on to the answers to our Wanda Hendrix Quix:

1) Question: He first spotted Wanda’s photo on the cover of a national magazine, and instantly fell. Who is he? a) Porfirio Rubirosa; b) Howard Hughes; c) Audie Murphy; or d) John Hodiak. 

1) Answer: As mentioned, (c) Audie Murphy.

2) Question:  Which of the following leading men did Wanda NOT costar with? a) Alan Ladd; b) Charles Coburn; c) Richard Conte; or d) Charles Laughton.

2) Answer: d) Charles Laughton.  Somehow, the vision of the chubby British actor and Hendrix sharing the same big screen beggars the imagination.

3) Question:  Wanda’s second husband was the brother of which one of the following actors?  a) Groucho Marx; b) Robert Stack; c) Ricardo Montalban; or d) Dana Andrews.

3) Answer:  b) On June 26, 1954, Wanda married wealthy sportsman James Langford Stack Jr., brother of (b) actor Robert (and making Hendrix his sister-in-law.) The union lasted a little over four years, and coincided with Wanda’s semi-retirement from movies.

4) Question: Which one of these tv series did Hendrix NOT appear in? a) Bat Masterson; b) My Three Sons; c) Wagon Train; or d) Route  66.

4) Answer:  d) Route 66, the hit CBS “road” series costarring Martin Milner and George Maharis as two blokes adventuring across the famous cross-country route. The show last four seasons from 1960 to 1964.

5) Question: Wasn’t Hendrix so enraged by her first marriage that she had planned to write a tell all “autobiography” to even the marital score against her famous husband?  a) True; or b) False.

5) Answer: a) True. Some 25 years after his death, Wanda suggested that she had planned to write her autobiography, dealing with her tempestuous marriage to Audie Murphy.  But, but, she remained sympathetic to the actor to the end, and the planned book, which never panned out, in at least a charitable fashion

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