In a glossy Taschen publication dedicated to Mr. James Bond — Sean Connery to us — there’s a wonderful shot taken early in the shooting of an early 007 collaboration.  It shows our subject, Ursula Andress, languidly sunbathing topless with Connery by her side.

Ten days into filming, Connery and Ursula Andress were still unaware of the worldwide attention that (their) film would generate, reads the picture caption. Perhaps the winsome couple had their minds on other matters.

In any case, the movie under discussion certainly had its effect — cementing Connery’s hold as James Bond and projecting Andress as the most enduring “Bond girl” ever.  To find out the title of this momentous outing, check the answer to question #1 below.

To find out more about Andress, keep going.  To review our Monday Quiz questions, just scroll down to the blog below.  Now to our answers:

1) Answer: b) 1962’s Dr. No. Andress emergence from the surf made an unforgettable impression.

2) Answer: This one should have been easy, d) Gregory Peck, never the lover type.

3) Answer:  d) Andress and Bo Derek shared the same husband, actor John Derek. Ursula was first, wife No. 2 from 1957 to 1966, while Bo was Derek’s fourth and final wife, 1976 to his death in 1998.

4) Answer:  c) Andress made about 40 movies in her career, mostly in Europe.

5) Answer:  Andress defines herself as a) Swiss-German. She was born on March 19, 1936, in the Swiss canton of Berne.  Her father was German.

6) Answer:  The father of Andress’ son Dimitri is actor Harry Hamlin.  Fifteen years younger than Andress, the pair had a flaming affair during the making of 1981’s Clash of the Titans. Hamlin has been married three times, never to Ursula.

7) Answer:  d) 1965’s The Tenth Victim.

8) Answer:  b) James Dean.  The romance did not end well.

9) Answer:  a) True.  When she started out, Andress spoke English with a pronounced accent.  Thus, her dialogue was repeatedly dubbed. As her career progressed, the dubbing became less frequent.

10) Answer:  Jean-Paul Belmondo, the star of director Jean-Luc Godard’s new wave classic, Breathless. (Andress took up with the actor while married to Derek, something she said she regretted doing.)

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