Hi, everybody.  Your classic movie guys back again today to finish providing answers to our Tyrone Power Quiz published on Aug. 21.  We tend to get a bit long winded with our answers so we are covering all 10 in two blogs.  Easier on the eyes.

Ok.  Let’s get to solving the final five riddles posed about the life of this distinguished classic movie actor.

Question: One of Power’s three marriages was actually blessed in Rome by the Pope.  True or False?

Answer: True. In January of 1949, Power and second wife Linda Christian were married in the Church of Santa Francesca Romana in the Eternal City, not far from the Colosseum. Power’s international fame drew thousands of fans outside the church. The event was fulsomely described as ‘the wedding of the century.’ The newly married couple was even received by Pope Pius XII, who blessed the union. Such grandly launched unions often turn out badly, and this one was no exception. The couple divorced in 1956. (A photo of the happy couple is above.)

Question: Who was Power’s second wife (clue, she was an international playgirl) and where did he meet her? 1) Barbara Payton in a Santa Monica bar; 2) Christina Onassis while swimming off the Greek Islands; 3) Linda Christian in a hotel in Europe; or 4) Deborah Ann Smith in New York City.

Answer: Ok, ok, we know we just gave away the answer above. But here’s more. In 1948, Power was having an affair with Lana Turner after separating from his first wife Annabella. The actor and international playgirl and sometime actress Linda Christian met in a hotel they just happened to be sharing in Rome. Romantically speaking, Turner suddenly was history.Yes, 3) Linda Christian is correct.

Question:  How old was Power when he died? 1) 37; 2) 54; 3) 44; or 4) 61?

Answer: 3) 44. George Sanders was a Power costar in director King Vidor’s biblical epic, Solomon and Sheba, filmed in Spain and released in 1959After several strenuous sword-fight scenes with Sanders, Power — who also co-produced the picture — collapsed complaining of pains in his chest and arms. The end came on Nov. 15, 1958, before the movie was completed. Sanders later wrote:  (Power) spent his money freely. He had a yacht, a private aeroplane, and gave lavish parties. And women, who are usually more expensive than yachts and aeroplanes, found ways of spending his money when he ran out of ideas. Ty didn’t seem to mind. Perhaps he had some premonition that he did not need to save for his old age.

Question:  Who was the actor who took over the leading role in Power’s last movie? 1) Yul Brynner; 2) Steve McQueen; 3) George Sanders; or 4) Maximilian Schell?

Answer:  1) Yul Brynner.

Question: Which actor was considered Power’s closest competition at the beginning of his movie career? 1) William Powell; 2) Mickey Rooney; 3) Robert Taylor; or 4) Ronald Colman?

Answer: 3) Robert Taylor.  Power was hired as Fox’s answer to MGM’s Taylor (below with, you guessed it, LanaTurner).


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