Both big stars of the 40s and 50s (and he well into the 70s), these two represent the perhaps best the Golden Age had to offer… in drama, and sheer entertainment.

That’s Neptune’s Daughter visiting ancient Rome.

We suspect you’ll know these two on sight.  This photo was taken in the early 50’s, during the production of director Joseph L. Mankiewicz’ adaptation of the Shakespeare play with our man portraying a silver-tongued Mark Antony.

It was our man’s fourth Hollywood feature, one film removed On The Waterfront.

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With many more films under her belt, our gal was a seasoned star.  At about the time of this photo, she had churned out two of her best known pictures: 1953’s Easy To Love with Van Johnson; and Dangerous When Wet, costarring future husband Fernando Lamas.

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Notice the fabulously long legs of our gal in our photo above.  We suspect our two stars were posed sitting down since she was just about as tall (5-foot-9) as our leading man.

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