Fans like nothing better than great candid photos of their favorite stars, and above is perhaps one of the most famous candid shots of all time.

We aren’t sure who snapped it, but we suspect it was taken by a photographer associated with the late, lamented LOOK picture magazine.

Hello, everybody.  Joe Morella and Frank Segers back again with a leisurely warm-weather exercise which we hope you’ll enjoy. This Monday, and for the next few summer Mondays, we’re going to feature photos of stars, and ask you to identify them.

Worry not, all you smarties out there. We suspect you’ll have no trouble identifying who is who.  To make this more interesting, we’ll thrown in an editorial clue or two.

OK, here we go. This Monday, we start off with an easy one.

— The two pictured above were in a southwestern state filming one of the most important movies of the period.  It was hot and dry. It was hard work.

— He was born in Indiana.  She was born in London.

— At the time this photo was taken, she was a year younger than he was.

— They become friends, but tragedy would soon strike and their friendship would be short lived.

— One had a short career.  The other had one of the longest starring careers in Hollywood history.

Who are they? Where are they?  What’s the film?  Who were their co-stars?

OK. It’s in your court.  Let us know your findings?




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