In the 1930s Opera Singers were trying their hand at movie stardom.  It had started with the silents, believe it or not, when Jesse Lasky had signed opera star Geraldine Farrar to play Carmen in 1915!  But when the talkies came it took some time for opera stars to transition to films.

Then soprano Grace Moore achieved film stardom In 1934’s One Night of Love, and the race was on.

As we’ve noted so many times before it’s wonderful that great artists of the past were captured on film, lest we would never know their talent. Two wonderful Opera stars of the first half of the twentieth century, Helen Jepson (below) and Milisa Korjus (above) were, thankfully, captured on film.

That’s Jepson in The Goldwyn Follies of 1938. her only film. She wasn’t given an acting role, but was able to sing several songs, both opera and popular.

Korjus made only one Hollywood film as well, The Great Waltz, also released in 1938. She WAS able to display her acting ability and even received an Oscar nomination for best supporting actress in the biopic about Johann Strauss II.

If you want to see talent from the last century, see these films.

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