He dated, and bedded, some of the most glamorous women in Hollywood. There, for example, is our Quiz subject (above) taking the arm of Ava Gardner (that lucky devil).

We got along so well, Turhan Bey recalled years later. I don’t know who made a pass at who.  The romance was interesting; sex was not what was most interesting. To me that was always the beginning of the end.  Did I want things to become more serious? Yes, I think we both felt that way, but somehow it never happened.

There’s no question that Bey got around offscreen.  Although he never married, he conducted multiple liaison famous actresses, most notably with Lana Turner (see Answer 4 below).

Bey is not exactly a household name these days even among classic movie savants. But there’s no questioning his movie popularity in the 1940’s. (A theater exhibitor poll of “stars of tomorrow” in 1944 voted Bey among the top 10  screen personalities.)

Ok, let see how much you know about Turhan Bey.  Quiz answers are below while questions are further on down in yesterday’s blog.  Here we go:

1) Answer:  a) The Turkish Delight.  Bey was the product of Turkish father and a Czech-Jewish mother.  It was a newspaper reviewer who later referred to him as a boyish Valentino.

2) Answer: Bey of Turkish extraction was actually born in 1922 in b) Vienna.  At the time, his father was serving as a military attache in the Turkish Embassy in the Austrian capital.(Bey returned to the city after his Hollywood career ended, and died there at age 90 in 2012.)

3) Answer:  c) Maria Montez.  The “Caribbean Cyclone” and Bey costarred in seven movies: Raiders of the Desert, Arabian Nights, White Savage, Ali Babba and the Forty Thieves, Bowery to Broadway, Follow the Boys and Sudan.

4) Answer:  As mentioned above, a) Lana Turner. Bey and Lana came on hot and heavily in 1944, and Bey was intent on matrimony.  But his mother disapproved of Turner’s notoriously wayward ways, and the romance fizzled.

5) Answer: a) True. Bey met Albert Einstein through a mathematician uncle, and a friendship that last years blossomed.

Answer to our BRAD and ANGELINA Quizlet:  We asked you in last Friday’s blog to identify the unhappily married couple who could qualify as the Brad and Angelina of their day.  If you came up with Ernest Borgnine and Katy Jurado, married from 1959 to 1963 and who staged publicly some spectacular disagreements, you are right.

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