Since we’re all stuck at home, we thought it might be fun to travel to Europe this week via classic movies. But since it’s Monday will start with a Quiz, and with one of our favorite cities — Rome.

Roman Holiday has stood the test of time. This film is almost 70 years old! And what a travelogue!

It is also, some of us believe, Audrey Hepburn’s best movie.

Not only was director William Wyler’s 1953 classic made in Rome but it also featured Audrey as a princess in disguise let loose on a  romantic lark in the Eternal City in the company of a newspaper man (Gregory Peck) and news photographer (Eddie Albert.)

It was, said the movie’s screenwriter (Dalton Trumbo, uncredited), Cinderella in reverse.

Roman Holiday drew the best from a young Audrey (24 at the time she made the picture). She actually managed to transform the usually wooden Peck (pictured with Audrey above on the Spanish Steps) into an actor of emotional depth.

Audrey was the complete charmer. She won the Academy Award. Frank thinks this is her best film. And Joe somewhat agrees. For him it’s a toss up between Roman Holiday, Charade and Breakfast at Tiffany’s. 

Ok, let’s get to our Roman Holiday Quiz Questions. As usual, answers tomorrow.

1) Question:  The success of Roman Holiday generated interest in a local means of transportation that until the movie came out was largely unknown in America.  What was it? a) Commuter trains that ran on time; b) SUV’s; c) underground railroads; or d) motor scooters.

2) Question: At the time he made Roman Holiday, Peck considered himself movie’s real star, and adamantly refused Hepburn top billing.  a) True; or b) False.

3) Question: The shooting of Roman Holiday on location set off a wave of Hollywood films being shot in Rome.  What was to became the city’s informal name?  a) Hollywood on the Tiber; b) Cinema at Cinecitta; c) Schlock City; or d) Holiday in Rome.

Mouth of Truth: Rome's ancient lie detector - Wanted in Rome

4) Question: Hepburn has a memorable scene in front of “The Mouth of Truth”statue in Rome, which threatens to bite off her hand. Why would such a nice classical statue do such a thing? a) Myth has it that only a liar runs a risk; b) The myth is just that and there was no risk; c) There was a risk for only those guilty of over acting; or d) none of the above.

5) Question: Roman Holiday anticipated Fellini by having Hepburn take a soak in the Fountain of Trevi.  a) True; or b) False.



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