Recently we ran across a list of today’s top 50 female “stars.”

In our opinion only two or three of them have a chance of still beingĀ relevantĀ 25 years from now. Of course only time will tell which bright young star of today will still be with us tomorrow. However, every once in a while, we like to remind folks when they throw around the term “star” that very, very few of today’s “celebrities” will ever make it into that category.

How many people, do you think, can identify the actress pictured above? In the mid 1940s she was one of Hollywood’s (and hence the World’s) up and coming stars.

Today’s mystery woman wasn’t a major star, not like Crawford, or Davis, or Hepburn. But she was a major player in her day and just as famous then as those top 50 are today. Her career was brief, only about 11 years, and mostly in Technicolor.

Who was she?

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