Did you know them?

Julie Christie, though thought of as a British actress, was actually born in India. Of our three beauties she has had the most varied career. She was up for the part of Honey Ryder in the James Bond adventure Dr. No — but the producer, Albert Broccoli, thought her breasts were too small.

Lucky her, she was able to have a much more substantial career, and won the Oscar for her performance in Darling in 1967. She’s been nominated twice more. Most recently for 2006’s Away From Her. And yes, she was in a Harry Potter film. And yes, yes, she once dated (and costarred with) Warren Beatty.

Did you know where they were from?

Ursula Andress is from Switzerland. Catapulted to stardom when she played Honey Ryder in Dr. No.  She dated James Dean and Marcello Mastroianni. Has a son with Harry Hamlin. Starred opposite Elvis, and posed nude for Playboy. In fact she appeared nude in so many films she was tagged Ursula Undress.

And just how much did you know about each?

Did you know Catherine Denueve had parents, Maurice Dorleac and Renee Simonot (who’s still with us) who were just as famous in France as she? Did you remember she was Oscar nominated for Indochine? Did you know she appeared nude in Playboy in 1963 and 1965? And did you know she has two children, a son by Roger Vadim and a daughter by Marcello Mastroianni?  In fact, she has five grandchildren!

And she remains perhaps the single biggest film star in France.

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