Theatre is great. But movies are better. Film captures a moment and keeps it for future generations to enjoy. What we find most fascinating are examples when great stars from different eras have an opportunity to work together. Above you see the great Rita Hayworth whose career was winding down in 1957 and Jack Lemmon, whose career was just beginning to sparkle.

The film, Fire Down Below, also stars Robert Mitchum. In it, Rita, who plays a world weary refugee utters her famous line, “armies have marched over me.” ¬†And, unfortunately, she looks as if they have. But her performance is one of her best.

Another pairing of two great stars of different eras is Marlon Brando and Johnny Depp who light up the screen in Don Juan DeMarco. Faye Dunaway (representing the generation between Brando and Depp) co stars.

After the success of Don Juan, Brando and Depp were re-teamed in Divine Rapture, but that film was never completed. Brando did, however, appear in The Brave, which Depp starred in and directed.


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