A few weeks ago we highlighted character actor Charles Lane, who’d worked for decades and racked up over 350 films. Several readers responded to our article about Lane and regular contributor Jeff Woodman had this to say:

Wow, thanks for another great post, and for turning the spotlight on Lane. Had no idea he’d worked up until so recently, but he was always a welcome presence — in spite of pretty much defining the term “sour puss.” (And he was a wonderful, almost tailor-made foil for Lucy on several occasions…)

And here’s a plug for another grand old guy, Burt Mustin, who amassed only half as many credits as Rooney and Lane, but who didn’t begin his acting career until AFTER he’d retired! In spite of his comparatively brief run (1951 – 1977), he became one of those ubiquitous, nameless “Oh yeah, him” character actors who seemed always to have been around, and whose presence greatly enhanced so many movies and TV shows.

Keep ‘em coming, gents!

Jeff made us take a second look at Burt Mustin.

Even more than Lane, Mustin is known by his face and not his name.  Although the majority of his work was on TV he did start in films when William Wyler cast his as the janitor in the film version of Detective Story. Supposedly Wyler had seen him in a production of the play and told the retired gentleman to look him up if he ever got to Hollywood.  He did and the rest as they say….

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