Earlier this year we read an article that compared 2017 Oscar nominated films with classic movies.  A sort of “if you liked this, watch this” kind of thing.

The Shape of Water –– see  1954’s Creature From the Black Lagoon.

Lady Bird — see 1937’s Stella Dallas.

Phantom Thread — see 1940’s Rebecca.

We agree. See all those old films. Now where does Dark Victory fit in? That 1939 tearjerker which starred Bette Davis, George Brent and Geraldine Fitzgerald, and featured Humphrey Bogart and Ronald Reagan in supporting roles, was a huge hit at the time.

And now there’s a current release, Midnight Sun, which can be called this year’s Dark Victory.

The film which is based on a Japanese film stars Bella Thorne and Patrick Schwarzenegger (yes, Arnold and Maria’s kid). It was directed by Scott Speer and written by Eric Kirsten.

The film’s received harsh reviews, perhaps because critics can’t conceive of a romantic tale between teenagers without sex, violence and foul language.  This is an old fashioned love story and, like Dark Victory, the audience knows from the start there will be a sad ending.

The film is currently in general release and we wish it well. Perhaps it will prove, as the classics did, that we don’t need car crashes, special effects, mythical monsters, explicit sex and random violence to make a film worth seeing.


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