What better way to memorialize George Kennedy than to elevate the late actor to our coveted Monday Quiz circle?

Kennedy died late last month age 91. If there were a A-minus classification of durable Hollywood stars (his career covered nearly five decades), Kennedy would have been front and center. He was much more than a supporting or strictly character actor.  He commanded big billing, often above the title.

Kennedy’s range was enormous, his career comprised more than 200 movies and tv productions and he was an Oscar winner. But like many essentially working actors, he was too often taken for granted if not dismissed.  As The New York Times put it, “no critic ever spoke of a George Kennedy oeuvre.”

So our question is:  just how much do you know about George Kennedy?  Why not take our Monday Quiz to find out?  As usual, questions today and answers tomorrow.  Here we go:

Question: Kennedy won a best supporting actor Oscar in the Sixties for his role in:  a) The Boston Strangler; b) The Dirty Dozen; c) Cool Hand Luke; or d) The Legend of Lylah Clare?

2) Question:  Kennedy had the reputation as a fastidiously religious man who married only once.  A) True; or b) False.

3) Question: With which one of the following did Kennedy NOT appear onscreen?  a) Bette Davis; b) James Stewart; c) Charlton Heston; or d) Marlene Dietrich.   

4) Question: Kennedy is often compared with which of the following actors?  a) Lee Marvin; b) Eli Wallach; c) Lee Van Cleef; or d) Charles Bronson.

5) Question: In one of Kennedy’s two starring roles on a tv series, he plays a policeman turned Catholic priest.  Can you name the title of this series?

6) Question:  In another of his television efforts, Kennedy costarred in a nine-hour docu-drama about the private lives of America’s first families from the Tafts to the Eisenhowers.  a) True; or b) False?

7) Question: Kennedy’s other tv series, The Blue Knight, was based on a Joseph Wambaugh best seller built around a character name “Bumper Morgan.” Which big-name screen star played the same character on tv before Kennedy did?

8) Question: Kennedy plays a nasty villain with a formidable artificial limb who threatens Audrey Hepburn in which one of the following movies? a) Paris When It Sizzles; b) Charade; c) The Children’s Hour; or d) The Unforgiven.

9) Question:  Kennedy was the only member of an all-star cast that appeared in the original of a Seventies disaster epic and its three sequels.  Can you name the title of the original?

10) Question:  Kennedy was born in New York City to a musical family but pursued a military career before becoming an actor.  a) True; or b) False?

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