From silents, to talkies, to television, there were few more successful sisters in Hollywood than the trio consisting of Polly Ann, Elizabeth Jane, and Gretchen Young.

Perhaps you know them better as Sally Blaine, Loretta Young, and Polly Ann Young.(as pictured below).

They were in the right place at the right time, pretty young things living in Hollywood when the silent movies just needed pretty young things to grace their pictures. “Gretch” had the most drive and soon was more than a child extra, appearing at 14 opposite the superstar Lon Chaney.

Betty Jane changed her name to Sally Blaine in the early days of sound (she said she later regretted it, but was stuck with the name) She had a small career, but chose marriage (to actor, later director Norman Foster) and children.

Polly Ann too chose marriage. Both dabbled after that, but really never had “the fire in the belly.”

But Loretta had enough drive for all three. There would be a younger half sister, Georgiana, who also dabbled, but eventually wed Ricardo Montalban and retired from the fray.

They (all four) appeared together as sisters in Loretta’s film The Story of Alexander Graham Bell. 


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