Today we’re on the Road with Bing, Bob, and Dottie (That’s Crosby, Hope and Lamour).

It was indisputably the most successful of movie series and the only one starring 3 top stars, who could and did carry films on their own. How much do you know about the 7 Road To… films?

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They were all light-hearted outings, mixtures of adventure, gag-filled comedy and romance.  But sometimes overlooked is the series’ array of in-joke satirical punches at Hollywood studio output, mores and customs mostly of the 1940’s.

There were plenty of comic shots taken at Paramount Pictures, for example, the distributor of all but one of the seven films. There was deliberate overacting by Hope which prompted Crosby to observe that his partner was yet again trying to win an Oscar.

Often  Hope would break “the fourth wall” by stepping out of character, directly addressing the audience.

In The Road to Morocco Hope tells Crosby what the duo has endured for the first 45 minutes.  ” I know all that,”  snaps Crosby.  “Yes, ” says Hope breaking the fourth wall and talking to the audience, “but the people who came in in the middle of the picture don’t.”

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Then there was Dorothy Lamour at her sexiest. Here she is in 1952’s Road to Bali.

Ok, on to our Road To… questions. As usual queries today and answers tomorrow.  Here we go:

1) Question: Which one of the following Road To… outings was planned but never got made?  a) Road to Utopia; b) Road to Hong Kong; c) Road to Morocco; or d) Road to the Fountain of Youth.

2) Question: What were the characters Hope and Crosby would most often portray in the series? a) confidence men trying to make a lot of money; b) two mild-mannered academics in over their heads; c) unemployed stock brokers; or d) vaudeville performers on sabbatical.

3) Question:  Dorothy Lamour appeared in a costarring role in all but one of the Road To… pictures. Which one was she downgraded to a lesser role? a) Road to Rio; b) Road to Zanzibar; c) Road to Singapore; or d) Road to Hong Kong.

4) Question:  Related to the question above, who replaced Dorothy in the Road to… title in which she was NOT costarred?  a) Mamie Van Doren; b) Ginger Rogers; c) Joan Collins; d) Jayne Mansfield.

5) Question: Despite appearances, Dorothy Lamour did not get along well offscreen with Hope.  But she was friendly with Crosby.  a) True; or b) False.

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