Judging by the number of clicks registered by last week’s blogs about Judy GarlandJudy’s Peak Years published on Friday and Wednesday’s Star of the Week — Or Maybe Star of the Century — there is certainly a great deal of continued enthusiasm for and interest about this great star.

And, today, to keep things going, we thought we’d come up with an impromptu pop quiz about Judy to see just how much you really do know about her.  We’ve tried to make the questions as off the wall as possible since we’ve covered most of the Garland basics in previous blogs.

So let’s have some fun.  Here we go:

Question: Can you name the producer as well as the co-star of MGM’s Babes In Arms, one of Judy’s earliest movie musicals made in 1939?  Was it a hit when it first came out?

Question: TV’s renowned Ed Sullivan, whose CBS variety show introduced the Beatles to mainstream America, used to beef about Garland’s appearances on a rival tv program. Who hosted that program, and what did Garland do to so unsettle the great tv MC?

Question:  Which physical “flaw” almost derailed the very young Garland’s career before it even started? 1) hirsute eyebrows; 2) acne; 3) a gap between her front teeth; or 4) a persistent lisp?

Question:  Can you identify Garland’s five husbands in the order that she married them?

Question:  How old was Garland when she died? 1) 51; 2) 49; 3) 47 ; or 4) 55.

Question: Garland won the role of Vicki Lester (Mrs. Norman Maine) in 1954’s A Star Is Born because 1) her talent and suitability for the role was obvious; 2) because she was close to director George Cukor; 3) because she agreed to perform at the birthday party of Jack Warner’s daughter; or 4) because she slept with her powerful costar James Mason.

Question:  Which of the following did NOT have an affair with the young Judy? 1) Spencer Tracy; 2) Artie Shaw; 3) Tyrone Power; 4) Orson Welles or 5) Van Heflin.

Question: The adult Garland was certainly no amazon but just how tall was she, anyway? 1) 5-foot-nine; 2) 4-foot-11; 3) 5-foot-2; or 4) six feet?

Question: Given her troubled life, we’d be interested to know how many times Garland attempted suicide? 1) Twice; 2) four times; 3) as many as seven times; 4) never.

Question: Which one of the following said about Judy that “there wasn’t a thing that gal couldn’t do, except look after herself?”  1) Mickey Rooney; 2) Charles Bickford; 3) Bing Crosby or 4) Gene Kelly?

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