Since her death, awhile back, friends have been asking when we were going to devote a blog to Elizabeth Taylor.  While she wasn’t a favorite of Frank’s, Joe remembers her fondly for one of her earlier movies.

Of course she won two Oscars for Best Actress. One for Butterfield 8, which today seems a hopelessly dated film.  Almost everyone agrees that the award that year was really for her previous work in films such as Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and Suddenly Last Summer. when she’d been nominated and lost. Her second Oscar, for Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolfe, seemed more deserved. However Joe feels her best films were earlier ones. Father of the Bride and  Father’s Little Dividend, where in effect she was a supporting actress to Spencer Tracy, come to mind.

Joe thinks her best work was in the true classic film A Place in the Sun. opposite her pal, Montgomery Clift.  The two had incredible chemistry on screen.  The film has endured for over 60 years and indeed is a classic.  We think one should wait 20 or 30 years before we declare a movie a classic. Only time will tell if a film becomes part of the history of the industry.

One thing is indisputable. That was the film that catapulted Elizabeth Taylor to stardom.

But Joe’s favorite movie  in which Elizabeth Taylor appeared is not a true classic,  just a fun old film.  It’s  A Date With Judy. which stars Jane Powell in the title role and Taylor in one of her first grown up, semi sexy parts, opposite Robert Stack. The billed star of the film was Wallace Beery, believe it or not.  Jane was 19 at the time, but playing a wide-eyed high school girl. Taylor was only 16, but already playing a sophisticated beauty.  And, of course, it was a musical with other players  such as Xavier Cugat and the unique Carmen Miranda. Imagine! Carmen Miranda and Elizabeth Taylor in the same movie?

A Date with Judy.  Catch it.  It’s 40s Technicolor Escapist fare at its best.

What’s your favorite Liz Taylor film? and Why? And was Taylor the LAST STAR?

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