Yes, most people guessed the identity of Frank Morgan, the Wizard of Oz himself, as the more famous brother of character actor Ralph Morgan in our puzzler last week.

But Ralph, seven years older than Frank and a graduate of Columbia University, was successful first on Broadway and in silents, and it was his success which led Frank to enter the acting profession.

Ralph had a long career as a character actor in films, radio and television, but his important contribution to the industry was as a founding member of The Screen Actors Guild. He was the first president of SAG and served 4 terms throughout the 1930s.

Frank Morgan was a character actor but also a STAR. And in his long film career he played opposite almost all the Big Stars of his time.

Both brothers looked much older than they were. Frank, who died of a heart attack in 1949 was only 59 when he died. Ralph passed away in 1956 at 72.

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