Hard to believe, but there were famous screen couples and famous divorces before Brad and Angelina.

Can you identify these two? Some clues:

— She was the second of his five wives.

— Their marriage lasted four years, from 1959 to 1963.

— She called him “bullito” (little bull).

— He described her as “beautiful but a tiger.”

— She was nominated for an Oscar while he won his.

— He was the second of her two husbands.

— He was of Italian stock while she was born in Mexico.

— Frank Sinatra tried unsuccessfully to put the make on her.

— The two had really nasty fights in public. ¬†She conceded that she was born with “a terrible temper.”

— Nonethelesss she was distraught at the breakup of their marriage.

Ok, who are these people?


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