It’s April 15, and your taxes are due.  Ouch! What a grim way to begin today’s blog.

Today  is also a chance for us to recommend a fun film about income taxes. (Hey, this is Joe’s Idea.  Frank dislikes taxes immensely and prefers to forget the occasion.)

Hello, everybody.  Joe Morella and Frank Segers here, having filed months ago (we think; we hope), just leafing through a list of films about income taxes and one catches our eye.  It’s the 1954 comedy Phffft, starring Judy Holliday and Jack Lemmon.

If you’ve never seen it you’re in for a treat. Lemmon and Holliday had already scored with It Could Happen to You earlier in the year, so Columbia re-teamed them in this bit of fluff by playwright George Axelrod of Seven Year Itch fame. (That’s the movie that produced the famous still of Marilyn with the billowing skirt standing on a New York subway grate. One of the most durable stills in movie history.)

In Phffft, Lemmon’s an accountant who does Judy’s taxes, before their marriage and after their divorce.

Columbia used the film to debut their new star, Kim Novak.

She has a small but pivotal role as a Marilyn Monroe-like sexpot who Lemmon dates after his break-up.  Jack Carson also co-stars.

The word “Phffft” is credited to columnist Walter Winchell, who used it to describe when a married couple were split, over, finished.  Supposedly Axelrod  sold the idea to Columbia who was wooing him for the rights to Itch.  That play was still on Broadway and eventually The Seven Year Itch was produced by Fox as a vehicle for Monroe.

Our intentions here are noble.  Watching Phffft might make you forget some of the anguish you might be experiencing today.

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