Recently we discussed Splendor in the Grass, the film with Natalie Wood and Warren Beatty and alluded to their on screen chemistry. Of course they were having a torrid affair while making the movie, and it continued for some time.

There are dozens of examples of co-stars taking the love scenes they’re playing to a more secluded spot than the soundstage. It started us thinking about some classic affairs between co-stars and stars and their directors, which sometimes almost wrecked marriages.

Below are pictured Patricia Neal and Gary Cooper who in the late 40s had one of the steamiest affairs going. But he wouldn’t leave his wife for her.

Ingrid Bergman would leave her husband, Peter Lindstrom, even give him custody of their daughter Pia, but he wouldn’t let her. She’d fallen for her director, the Italian genius Roberto Rossellini. After she had their child, Robertino, Lindstrom finally relented and gave her a divorce. (How complicated all this is!)

Rita Hayworth was between husbands when she and Glenn Ford got romantic off screen as well as on. But ┬áhe was married to Eleanor Powell, who’d given up her career for him and had just had their son Peter. Rita and Glenn remained friends, even drinking buddies, until her death.


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