How much did you know about that wholesome movie siren shown above?

We’re still not sure what Hollywood ever taught Terry Moore, other than (perhaps) avoiding the blandishments of one Howard Hughes (not discussed in her Screen Life presentation). Moore didn’t, and felt her career may have suffered because she didn’t.

In any case, Moore was one of the screen’s accomplished sexpots after breaking into movies as a child star. That was back in 1940, and Moore is still working on various projects (check out her website) to this day.

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1) Answer: Moore was nominated in the best supporting actress Oscar category for her role in d) Come Back Little Sheba but lost out to the winner, Gloria Grahame, for The Bad and the Beautiful.

2) Answer:  d) Gary Cooper.

3) Answer:  Moore started modeling as a child.  She made her movie debut (in 1940’s Maryland) when she was all of (d) of 11 years old. Maryland was a horse-riding drama costarring Water Brennan and Fay Bainter, with Terry showing up in a small uncredited part.

4) Answer: a) As indicated above, the answer is Howard Hughes, who played a YOOGE role in Terry’s private life.  He proved a very jealous lover, and Terry to this day claims her association did NOT especially help her career.

5) Answer:  What has emerged over the years is Moore’s contention that she was secretly married Hughes at sea on a luxurious yacht.  She was 19 and he was 41, she says, adding somewhat cryptically that he could prove he was married but she couldn’t.  In any event the union was kept secret for decades, long enough for Moore to take on five other husbands. Moore covers the period (beginning in 1947) in her 1984 book, The Beauty and the Billionaire. Moore recounts that Hughes never called her by her marquee first name. It was always “Helen.”  Moore was born in Los Angeles in 1929 as Helen Luella Koford.

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