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What Is It About GREGORY PECK In A Cowbo...

What Is It About GREGORY PECK In A Cowboy Hat?

Hello, everybody.  Your classic movie guys here today to pose the all-important question about Gregory Peck sporting that wide-brimmed, high-crowned chapeau signalling cow poke. Although the two don’t seem to go together, they did in fact combine nicely in our Aug. 8 blog (Best Westerns — GREGORY PECK) covering Twentieth Century Fox’s underrated 1950 “oater,” The Gunfighter, […]

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GEORGE SANDERS — Hollywood’s Classic Cad

GEORGE SANDERS — Hollywood’s Classic Cad.

There have been few Hollywood actors who could match George Sanders for supercilious nastiness onscreen (and perhaps off as well). As drama critic-narrator Addison de Witt in 1950’s All About Eve, he gave  what critic David Thomson describes as a supreme demonstration of soft-spoken, tranquil caddishness. He also stole the show, and won an Oscar in the process.  The […]

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