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Which Classic Stars Are Most Popular — T

Which Classic Stars Are Most Popular — Today?  (Read On For Surprising Answers)

No, not Clark Gable.  Nor Katherine Hepburn.  And forget about Jane Russell, Robert Montgomery, Spencer Tracy and Deanna Durbin. Hello, everybody. Your classic movie guys here today to reveal the latest findings from Madison Avenue about which deceased celebrities sell the most merchandise — the toughest standard by which movie star longevity can be measured. Sure, a […]

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“She Got Fat!” — More on the Loves of SH

“She Got Fat!” — More on the Loves of SHELLEY WINTERS

There’s a crisp but revealing dialogue exchange in director Jack Smight’s Harper, the 1966 neo-noirish thriller costarring Paul Newman, Robert Wagner and Shelley Winters, among other solid actors. Newman as a down-at-the-heels gumshoe named Harper picks up a framed photograph of the woman portrayed by Winters, and shows it to Wagner’s suspicious playboy character. Newman: […]

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