Well, how much do you really know about Sydney Greenstreet?

After reviewing today’s answers and those of our original Monday S.G. Quiz (published on May 27), you should be fully up to speed on this amazingly talented character actor.  As you can guess, we love the guy and enjoy writing about him.

Enough of the accolades.  Here are our Greenstreet Quiz answers. To review the questions, just scroll down to the blog below.

1) Answer:  d) Flamingo Road is a steamy southern melodrama, not a gritty film noir outing. It stars Joan Crawford who gets to slap Greenstreet as a corrupt sheriff. Noir or not, the movie is worth a fast look-see — just for Greenstreet.

2) Answer:  a) In England.  Appropriately enough, given Greenstreet’s girth, his birthplace was Sandwich.

3) Answer:  a) and b).

4) Answer:  a) True. Greenstreet made his debut on the London stage in 1902.

5) Answer:  d) John Huston, who, of course, cast and directed Greenstreet in The Maltese Falcon.

6) Answer: b) False.  Greenstreet made his Hollywood movie debut as “the fat man” in 1941 (in Falcon) and wound up his screen career eight years later in 1949 as “the Dutchman” in Malaya. He died in 1954 at age 74.

7) Answer:  Ok, we admit to making this a trick question.  So you’ll get credit no matter your choice. Mongomery Clift, Phyllis Thaxter, Alfred Lunt and Thomas Gomez  ALL were in the Broadway cast (along with Greenstreet) of 1940’s There Shall Be No Night by Robert E. Sherwood.  The play had a lengthy run and won a Pulitzer Prize.

8) Answer:  a) 24 movies over eight years, an average of three a year.  For an overweight actor in his early Sixties, that’s a meaty workload.

9) Answer:  a) Nero Wolfe.  Greenstreet played the crafty detective created by Rex Stout on NBC radio in 1950-51.

10) Answer:  Alfred Lunt and Lynn Fontanne.

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