Here are the answers to yesterday’s quiz about that “forgotten star” Susan Hayward.

As mentioned, we employed the term “forgotten” (our opinion) a while back, and have since received some gentle pushback from various readers.  Here are two typical responses.

From Philippe, who takes exception to our view that while Hayward was a big star in her time, she is less remembered today largely because she starred in forgettable movies.

No classic films  in Susan  Hayward’s filmography!!?

Here in Europe,  “Canyon Passage (1946), ” House of Strangers” (1949) ,”The Lusty Men” (1952) (regarded as a true American film masterpiece from Nicholas Ray),”Garden of Evil ” (1954) and of course Robert Wise’s powerful  “I Want To Live” are regarded as top classic movies and Hayward praised as a terrific actress.

And this from reader Dottie:  I remember her since I was a kid. Her acting was strong, realistic, yet can be tender. She is also a real beauty. Miss those solid performances.

Ok, then, let’s see how much you really do know about Susan Hayward.  (To review questions, just scroll down a tad to our Monday Quiz blog.) Our inspiration here is the definitive 1980 biography by author Beverly LinetSusan Hayward: Portrait of a Survivor.

1) Answer: c) Edith Marrenner was born in Brooklyn on June 30, 1917.

2) Answer: b) False.  Hayward was a diminutive, red-headed fireball, nothing if not determined. No shrinking violet. She once said: I spent an unhappy, penniless childhood in Brooklyn. I had to slug my way up in a town called Hollywood where people love to trample you to death. I don’t relax because I don’t know how. I don’t want to know how. Life is too short to relax.

3) Answer:  d) John Wayne.  Although they costarred together, it appears they never made the romantic connection that Hayward at varying times made with Jeff Chandler, Howard Hughes and Don ‘Red’ Barry.

4) Answer: a) True.

5) Answer: Hayward won her best actress Oscar for 1958’s I Want To Live.  She plays a prostitute who pleads her innocence of a murder rap.

6) Answer: c) Alcoholics. Hayward, for example, won an Oscar nomination for her role as an alcoholic wife in 1947’s Smash-Up.

7) Answer:  a) True.

8) Answer:  Columbia Pictures, whose amorous head was the infamous Harry Cohn.

9) Answer:  d) The Conqueror.  (See answer below.)

10) Answer:  Hayward, Dick PowellJohn Wayne and Agnes Moorehead all died of of various forms of cancer believed to be connected to radiation exposure on the Saint George, Utah location of 1955’s The Conqueror. The town was near an above-ground atomic test blast site in the adjacent Nevada desert, heavily used during the Fifties. Wayne, Hayward and Moorehead were in the cast. Wayne died of stomach cancer. Moorehead died of uterine cancer. Powell, who died of cancer of the lymph glands in 1963, directed the movie. Hayward died of a brain tumor on March 14, 1975, just three months shy of her 58th birthday.


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