Can you identify the three muggs pictured above, and name the picture from which this still is taken?

Ok, we’ll help out since we’ve already posed our formal Steve Brodie Quiz questions via yesterday’s blog.  Yup, that’s Brodie on the right.  You shouldn’t have too much trouble identifying the actor to the left.  He’s Robert Ryan.

How about the guy in the middle?  That’s Sam Levene, a seasoned stage actor in the Forties who lent a certain New Yorkish ethnic spice to film noirs.

The movie is Crossfire, a 1947 thriller made during the Dore Schary “message movie” period at RKO, about four World War II Army buddies — one of whom is a deranged killer (guess who?) Brodie turns up as one of the group who meets an unfortunate end.

He’s one member of a solid cast.  In addition to Brodie, Ryan and Levene, there’s Robert Mitchum, Gloria Grahame, Robert Young and Paul Kelly. Crossfire is a bit too “messagy” for our grizzled film noir tastes but it is an entertaining picture, well worth checking out.

Now to the answers to our “formal” Steve Brodie Quiz.  To review the questions, just drop down to the blog below.  Here we go:

1) Answer:  Brodie did make movies for Republic, but his best output came under the d) RKO Pictures banner.  Need we mention Out of the Past, which came out the same year as the above-mentioned Crossfire.

2) Answer:  a) True.  Brodie’s roots were strictly middle American.  He didn’t hit New York until his early (and unsuccessful) stage days. Then came Hollywood.

3) Answer:  b) Another of Brodie’s solid outings, Desperate. 1947 was an amazingly productive year for the actor. The movie is director Anthony Mann’s initial film noir, and it’s a beauty.

4) Answer: a) Lois Andrews, Brodie’s first wife (1946-1950), was a B-list actress.  Just a year before the divorce, she and Brodie appeared in a forgettable Tim Holt western for RKO, Rustlers. (Andrews went on to other marriages including one to Georgie Jessel.) Brodie’s second wife was Barbara Savitt, the widow of swing band leader Jan Savitt.

5) Answer:  When Brodie was an out of work actor in New York, he hit upon an idea to change his real name (John Stephens) and adopt that of a stunt daredevil of the late 19th century who supposedly jumped off the Brooklyn Bridge and lived to tell about it.

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