Do you recognize the woman pictured in the photo above?

Today young actors trying to break into films often start in commercials or do bits on TV series. But where could struggling actors get a break back in the Golden Age of Movies?

Luckily there were dozens of small production companies which ground out countless hour long programmers back in the bygone era. Newcomers often got their first break at a “poverty row” studio producing cheapie westerns or mysteries. At these small companies  it was easier for young beginners to get their foot in the door, and their faces before the camera.

Remember in the 1930s (and 40s) movie houses changed the bill at least once a week and in small towns often twice a week. So the theatre owners needed hundreds of movies each year.

And most of those were Westerns.

Western movies were very BIG BUSINESS in the 1930’s. Hundreds of  ”B” westerns were made each year to fill up the hundreds of small theatres throughout the country. And future stars such as the one pictured above and the one pictured below learned their craft in these low budget films. Recognize them?

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