One of our faithful readers, Mike Sheridan, who identified Jimmy Stewart’s dog, Beau, also sent in a shot of his favorite star, Dorothy Lamour, and her favorite dog.

Thanks Mike. No wonder you are such a big Lamour fan.  She looks great in this shot — no surprise that pooch is so enthusiastically licking away.

We’re guessing that the picture was taken in the early to mid 40s. By then, Lamour was in full bloom in her late 20’s, and well embarked on those Road To… pictures with Bob Hope and Bing Crosby. Road to Morocco came out in 1942, and still ahead were Road to Rio (1947) and Road To Bali (1952).

Hello, everybody. Joe Morella and Frank Segers, your classic movie guys, here to announce that we love it when our readers share their comments and memories with us.

We’re determined to dig up more photos of stars from the Golden Era with their pets. And we’re not going to forget the feline contingent, either.

Here’s one of one of the greats with his kitty. Does it surprise you that this guy — you know who he is! — seems to prefer a cat to a dog?  Are “cat people” really different than “dog people?” Just asking.

By the way, note those discs the guy is holding.  Ah, nostalgia for the old fashioned 78s (or are they early, smaller-sized 33-1/3s?)

Also, take a gander at that juke box-sized tv set with the relatively small screen. Back when this picture was taken, in the early Fifties we think, that tv set’s screen was considered most generously proportioned. Interesting that the old discs evoke nostalgia but those big box tv sets do not.

Anyway, who is this guy and why does his cat look alarmed by the record selections he’s assembled?

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