Who are these people?

Hint: Each person shown above was a star in his field, and a fan (certainly of each other).

You may be forgiven for having some questions here.  Just who is that woman to the left?As an appalled Joe asked Frank: “You didn’t recognize her? ”  And why is that guy in the middle wearing sun glasses?

Enough said that these three are big stars who, to put it kindly, may have seen better days. The woman to the left, for example, hardly resembles the beauty who made her first big movie splash in 1946’s The Killers.

The woman to the right looks a bit more seasoned than when she appeared as the gold-digger sexpot in 1943’s Cabin in the Sky.

As for the guy in the middle, there’s a reason why he is sporting the glasses.  Of the three he is the only one still with us. He turned 65 in May.

Can you identify this trio.  As a public service to Frank, please let us know.  (We’ll post all identities in tomorrow’s blog.)

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