She was between studios and with her third husband.

Here’s Donald Gordon, who whenever he could joined his famous Forties Hollywood friends in an informal snapshot. This one (above) concludes a week of photos from our DG Collection.

Can you guess with whom he is posing here?

Yes, they were married at the time. Joan Crawford, that is, and husband number three (left). Know him? (And, yes, that’s our man Donald on the right.)

Our mystery man’s best film: Lost Weekend.

The Lost Weekend (1945),, Billy Wilder, Phillip Terry (With images) | The lost  weekend, Billy wilder, Phillip

Some hints:

— Our mystery man appeared with Crawford in a 1937 opus titled Mannequin. Later, after a six-week courtship, they married in 1942.  She was his first wife. It lasted four years.

— Post Joan, our mystery man had a lengthy and diverse career, heavy on tv in the later years. He had multiple roles on the Perry Mason series.  His movie career ranged from such solid films as 1947’s Born To Kill with Lawrence Tierney (seen below on the right) and Claire Trevor, to 1960’s horror opus with Coleen GrayThe Leech Woman.

Born to Kill (1947)

— He was born in San Franciso in 1909 as Frederick Henry Kormann, and died a rich man (thanks to canny real estate investments) in 1993 at age 83.

— He began making movies in the late Thirties, and was seen in such films as 1938’s Hold That Kiss with Mickey Rooney.

— He somehow had picked up a pronounced British accent early on, and worked hard with MGM vocal coaches to lose it.

Ok, just WHO is our mystery man?

Answer: If you guessed Philip Terry, you are right on the money.

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