Hello, everybody. Joe Morella and Frank Segers, your classic movie guys, here today to entertain Frank regarding a story he has to tell about Liberace (the guy pictured above). Please bear with us, says Joe.

While on a visit to Las Vegas after Liberace died of AIDS in 1987 — he kept both his disease and sexual orientation a secret to the end — Frank discovered that there was actually a museum up and running dedicated to the master.  Nothing elaborate, it was located on the second level of a strip mall facing a nearby highway.

Curious, Frank took a look.  On display were various pianos and an array of the amazing costumes Liberace wore on his tv shows.  It was all too much, and Frank started to laugh out loud.

Suddenly there appeared a stern-looking woman, who apparently managed the facility, shushing him, and admonishing that the pieces on display (as well as the entertainer who inspired them) were NOT subjects of levity.  Frank agreed to mind his manners, and reverently concluded his visit to the Liberace museum.

Ok, that wasn’t so bad.  But let’s get to our quiz of the day. Yes, that is Susan Hayward  pictured above right, getting chummy with the ever lovable Liberace, and that other woman — our star of the week.

Do you know who she is?

Hint:  if you don’t you’ll be skating on thin ice.

Last week we featured Paulette Goddard, pictured below with Louis B. Mayer and director George Cukor. Several of our long time readers identified Paulette right away.

 Cukor was responsible for directing Paulette in one of her best roles, as Miriam Aarons in MGM’s 1939 hit, The Women.

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